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Company Profile

ADFERT is a regional leader in the manufacture and export of specialty plant nutrients in the Middle East and Near East with an annual production capacity of around 100,000MT. The factory manufactures plant nutrients in different forms and recipes to cater for different application methods and crop needs.

Current capacity of the existing production lines is as follows:

NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer Capacity of 48,000 MT
NPK Granular Fertilizer Capacity of 40,000 MT
Liquid and Suspension Capacity of 7000 MT
Trace Element and Foliar Capacity of 1000 MT
Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU) Capacity of 24,000 MT

ADFERT has pride in its employees who are considered the company’s primary asset. Company’s customers can rely on a workforce of specialized professionals in the fields of Chemical, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering with respective skills and expertise in Production, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing. Through its partnership with SQM, the Worldwide Business Formula, ADFERT has created a platform of knowledge sharing and technical support between the two companies’ local and global teams in the aim of improving customers’ experiences The strength of this agreement will guarantee customers achieve maximum production potential which will be reflected in optimized profitability. We aim not only to be a mere supplier but also a partner capable of delivering the most effective business solutions. We are your partner in growth.