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  • ORgO® is a special brand designed based on ADFERT knowledge and experience to provide plants with nutrients depend on its real needs.
  • ORgO® is full range of specialized products for optimizes nutrition of different crops in all growth stages to maximize crop yield and quality.
  • ORgO® produced by a high quality raw material & most efficient sources of plant nutrition’s.
  • ORgO® contains magnesium (Mg), sulphur (S) & micronutrients where growers can ensure balanced nutrition throughout the growing season.
  • ORgO®is water soluble NPKs enriched with fully chelated micro nutrients to optimizes solubility and availability in the soil solution.
  • ORgO® soluble fertilizers can be applied by different application methods (drip irrigation, sprinkler, central pivot, or foliar applications).
  • ORgO® fertilizers are virtually free in chloride, sodium and heavy metals.