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Urea Phosphate (18-44-0)

Type : Straight Fertilizer
Brand : ORgO
Fertilizer Form: Water Soluble
Packing : 25 kg
Urea Phosphate

Appearence : Crystalline odorless powder
Color : white
Urea Phosphate ® 18-44-0 has the highest solubility rate compared to other phosphate sources. It is the only dry, strong acid in crystalline form. It contains 18% nitrogen (N) and 44% phosphorous (P2O5).

The presence of urea in UreaPhos® will facilitate the penetration of other nutrients applied via foliar sprays.

The reduction in pH of the spray tank solution may increase the availability of nutrients and improve the stability of pesticides when sprayed together in a tank mix. Howerer, pH levels below 4 may provoke scorching.

Application rate :

1- lrrigation Water

  • Vegetables : the average rate between 8-12Kg/1000m2 dependent on type of crops and age.
  • Fruit Trees : The average rate between 8-13Kg/1000m2.
  • Citrus Trees : The average rate between 10-20Kg/1000m2.

2- Foliar fertilizer :
  • The average rate between 2-5Kg/1000 Liters dependent on type of crops and age.

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Macro Elements w/w
Total Nitrogen (N) 18 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 44 %
Potassium (K2O) 0 %

Physical Properties
Appearance Crystals
Moisture (%)1 max
pH (1% solution @ 25 ˚C)1.5 - 2 %