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Granular Fertilizer

Wide range of, homogeneous granular NPK compound fertilizers produced from high quality raw material. Each granule contains all nutrients to ensure balanced distribution and availability in the field for all the plants. All formulas contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium & Sulfur.

Our laboratory determines whether the products comply with quality standards by carrying full inspection for each batch on the nutrient availability, solubility, purity and packing.

Variants Of Granular Fertilizer
FormulaDescriptionView TDS
12-11-18+3MgOHigh potash formula for fruit development especially in trees. Show TDS
15-15-05+2MgOBasal formula to prepare the soil before seedling with balance ratio of nitrogen & Phosphorous.Show TDS
15-15-15+1MgOMultipurpose formula for general growth with balance N/P/K ratio 1:1:1Show TDS
20-10-10+1MgOHigh nitrogen formula , suitable for grass , gardens & sports courses Show TDS