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ALASKA 24-10-10+MgO+TE bag ALASKA 24-10-10+MgO+TE Products
Type: NPK water soluble
Appearance: Blue Crystalline powder
Packing: 10 & 25 Kg
ALASKA®FORT 24-10-10+MgO+TE : extra nitrogen formula to Stimulate stem development and leaves vegetative growth.
ALASKA®FORT 24-10-10+MgO+TE : homogeneous fine crystalline powder, built from high quality raw material.
ALASKA®FORT 24-10-10+MgO+TE : has a full range of products to optimize nutrition of different crops under different growth stages and different irrigation systems.
ALASKA®FORT: contains EDTA Chelated trace elements, allows keeping micro nutrient to be more available and stable under alkaline condition.
ALASKA®FORT :due to high purity raw material used, it contains very low content of chlorine (Cl-) and sodium (Na+), and free of heavy metals, it is optimum fertilizers for intensive agriculture and crops growing under saline soil conditions, and for salt sensitive crops.

Macro Elements (w/w)
Nitrogen(N) 24 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 10 %
Potassium (K2O) 10 %
Magnesium (MgO) 1 %
Trace Elements (ppm)
Iron (Fe) - EDTA500
Copper (Cu) - EDTA 50
Manganese (Mn) - EDTA300
Zinc (Zn) - EDTA100
Boron (B)200
Molybdenum (Mo)30
AppearanceCrystalline Powder
Moisture (%) 1% max.
pH (1% solution @ 25 ˚C 4-5