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8-8-16+20% Organic

V-Grow 16-8-8+20% bag V-Grow 16-8-8+20% Products
Type: NPK Granular
Brand: V-Grow® FORT
Appearance: Gray/Black Granules
Packing: 25 & 50 Kg
V-Grow® FORT 8-8-16+20% Organic is an oragno-nitrogen NPK fertilizer made to satisfy the needs of many crops.The Balanced ratio of nitrogen –phosphorus-potassium and the further enrichment of sulphur and iron consents an excellent fertilizing technique, respecting the real nutritive needs of the crops.
V-Grow® FORT 8-8-16+20% Organic is special formula designed for gardens & landscape to provide plants with full range of all essential nutrients and organic matter. Its assure prompt and gradual nutrition tanks to the presence of organic and ammoniacal nitrogen and to the availability of quantities of completely soluble phosphorus and potassium.

Macro Elements (w/w)
Nitrogen(N) 8 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 8 %
Potassium (K2O) 16 %
Organic matter 18 - 20 %
AppearanceSpherial Granules
ColorGray / Black
Moisture (%) < 2