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Potassium 40%

Liquid Potassium 40% Liquid Potassium 40%
Type: Straight Fertilizer
Brand: Specialcare® FORT
Appearance: Natural Liquid
Packing: 5 Ltr
Specialcare® FORT Potassium 40% : suitable when crops need additional potassium for maximum yield and quality.
Specialcare® FORT Potassium 40% : chloride free, low salt index and suitable for fertigation systems and foliar application.
Specialcare® FORT Potassium 40% % : high purity liquid fertilizer, essential for crop quality, fruit shape, and sugar content. It contains a high concentration of potassium for fast correction of potassium deficiency or can be used as a supplementary nutrition for fertilization.
Specialcare® FORT Potassium 40% % : an ideal source of potash and is chlorine free for chlorine-sensitive crops.
Specialcare® FORT Potassium 40% % : compatible with most fertilizer, easy to mix and it can be used in all types of irrigation systems
Macro Elements (w/v)
Potassium (K2O) 40%
Appearance Liquid
Color Natural
pH 7-8