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Salt Corrector

Liquid Saltcorrector Liquid SaltCorrector
Type: Soil amendment fertilizer
Brand: Specialcare® FORT
Appearance: Black Liquid
Packing: 5 Ltr
Specialcare® FORT Salt Corrector : works as efficient salt remover, improves soil structure, increases organic matter and enhances nutrition uptake by plants.
Specialcare® FORT Salt Corrector : nutrition, salinity lower, soil conditioner based on leonordite (naturally occurring organic materials).
Specialcare® FORT Salt Corrector : natural compound works by providing the proper conditions to succeed the planting in the areas that suffers of salinity conditions.

Macro Elements (w/v)
Organic acid 15%
Nitrogen(N) 15%
Potassium (K2O) 5%
Growth Enhancer 3%
Trace Elements 0.5%
Appearance Liquid
Color Black
pH 10-11