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Potassium Sulphate (Soluble grade)

SOP W S Straight SOP W S Straight
Type:Water Soluble Straights
Appearance: White Powder
Packing: 25 Kg
SOP®FORT Potassium Sulphate Soluble grade is High purity, full solubility in water and low pH, makes SOP®FORT the perfect source of a potassium in fertigation of greenhouse, hydroponics system, and open field, especially when there is no need for Nitrogen.
SOP®FORT can be mixed with all water – soluble fertilizers, except soluble calcium fertilizers, and concentrated magnesium solutions.
The high concentration of potassium with absence of N and P enable the correct quantity of potassium to be supply at any stage. So we can be combined SOP®FORT with N, P or NP fertilizers according to plants requirements.

Macro Elements (w/w)
Nitrogen(N) 0 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 0 %
Potassium (K2O) 50 %
Appearance Powder
Color White
Moisture (%) 1 max
pH (1% solution @ 25 ˚C ) &lt 3