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Liquid Fertilizer

We offer different formulas of homogenous liquid fertilizers that include macronutrient NPK, calcium, magnesium and micro nutrient manufactured carefully from the most pure raw materials , free of chlorine compound, sodium and heavy metals.

Liquid Fertilizer Products

Liquid Products Liquid Products

Specialcare®FORT is a wide range of different formulas to fulfill all crops growth needs.
Specialcare®FORT has high concentration for optimum plant nutrition for all growth stages.
Specialcare®FORT true solution of whole plant mineral nutrients readily to uptake and plant physiological effective additives.


10-10-10+TE Specialcare®FORT homogenous & pure liquid balanced NPK fertilizer, provides plants to its need from nutrients with the most efficient sources of trace element.TDS
10-30-0 Specialcare®FORT high concentration phosphorous fertilizer, suitable for alkaline soil, reduces pH , improves soil conditions & increase plant nutrition uptake.Brochure
30-0-0 Specialcare®FORT quick release Nitrogen liquid fertilizer, manufactured from pure raw materials, provides plant with Nitrate & Ammoniac which is quickly absorbed & sustained feeding from Urea.TDS
Amino Acid 13-15% Specialcare®FORT Amino Acid product designed to remedy and prevent deficiencies of plant Nutrients & supply plant with trace elements chelated by amino acid.Brochure
CalMag Specialcare®FORT high concentration calcium & magnesium liquid fertilizer, suitable for fertigation systems and foliar application.Brochure
Humic Acid 15% Specialcare®FORT natural humic and fulvic acid extract, serves as a pure natural plant nutrient, bacterial inhibitor, soil conditionerand fertilizer amendments.Brochure
Pottasium 40% Specialcare®FORT , suitable when crops need additional potassium for maximum yield and quality.TDS
SeaweedSpecialcare®FORT highly concentrated seaweed extract, containing naturally occurred plant hormones and various naturally-derived nutritional substances, is very effective in promotion of growth.Brochure
Salt CorrectorSpecialcare®FORT works as efficient salt remover, improves soil structure, increases organic matter and enhances nutrition uptake by plants.Brochure
Microplex 1Specialcare®FORT High efficiency liquid fertilizer completely dissolves in water, containing micro nutrients chelated by amino acid.TDS
Microplex 2 Specialcare®FORT High efficiency liquid fertilizer completely dissolves in water, containing micro nutrients chelated by amino acid.TDS