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Granular Slow Release Fertilizer

ADFERT offers a wide range of Granular Slow Release fertilizer products, designed to be as a part of our established plants nutrients range to cover single macro nutrients based on crop nutrients requirements and growth conditions in the region.

Granular Slow Release Products

SCU Products SCU Products

SCU reduces the risk of nitrogen leaching or washing and increases fertilizer use efficiency.
SCU makes more nitrogen available as a nutrient to the plant.
SCU promotes plant growth, increases the yield and improves the quality of the crops.
SCU is suitable for all crops including ground cover, turf, shrubs, trees and field crops.
SCU releases nitrogen independently of microbial and bacterial action in the soil.
SCU decreases the risk of heavy applications of conventional fertilizers.
SCU is an environment-friendly fertilizer, which control nutrients release rate.
SCU provides sulphur as a plant nutrient.


Sulphur Coated Urea (SCU)SCU is slow-release granular fertilizer, provides plant with nutrients throughout the whole growth season with well-combined between nitrogen and sulfur.Brochure
SULPHUR90 Products

SULPHUR90®FORT is a slow – release pure sulphur can be used as a source of plant nutrient or soil amendment in alkaline and salty soils.
SULPHUR90®FORT is unique type of degradable elemental sulphur enables efficient uptake of the sulphur by the growing plants.
SULPHUR90®FORT can promotes plant growth,increases the yield and improves the quality of the crops.
SULPHUR90®FORT has very low dust content and therefore complies with the environmental standards.
SULPHUR90®FORT is suitable for all crops including cereals, vegetables, turf, shrubs, trees and field crops.


SULPHUR90SULPHUR90® FORT is sulphur rich pastille contains up to 90 % of sulphur added to Bentonite clay which swell the pastille in contact with soil moisture. This will enable an efficient uptake of the sulphur by the growing plants.Brochure