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Granular Straight Fertilizer

ADFERT offers a wide range of Granular Straight fertilizers products, designed to be as a part of our established plant nutrients range to cover single macro nutrients based on crop nutrients requirements and growth conditions in the region.

Granular Straight Products

Diammonium Phosphate DAP is an excellent source of phosphorus (P2O5) and nitrogen (N) for plant nutrition. It dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate and ammonium. Brochure
Potassium Nitrate (Prilled)Potassium Nitrate is completely water-soluble prilled fertilizer composed of nitrogen & potassium, this combination of two essential nutrients makes Potassium Nitrate the most all-round and efficient water-soluble K-fertilizer. TDS
Potassium Sulphate Potassium Sulphate is an excellent source of potassium & sulphur for plants , it is frequently used for crops where additional chlorine is undesirable.TDS
Single Super PhosphateSSP is high quality Phosphoric granular Fertilizer , one of the most common use phosphorus fertilizer in pre-planting stage for all types of crops.Brochure
Triple Super Phosphate TSP is free flowing granular fertilizer contains high percentage of phosphorus, TSP is readily available for plants.Brochure