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Water Soluble Foliar Fertilizer

ADFERT offers a complete range of unique completely water soluble NPK foliar fertilizers , contains the most pure nutrients, high concentration of Trace Elements chelated with EDTA as well as natural additives.

Water Soluble Foliar Products

Foliar Products Foliar Products

Folcare®FORT is a unique foliar fertilizer that is 100% pure and completely water soluble.
Folcare®FORT contains the most pure nutrients, high concentration of Trace Element chelated with (EDTA,) as well as natural additives. These regulate the internal balance of plant hormones, physiological process and increase the efficiency of nutrients uptake, thereby raising the yield capacity of the plant.
Folcare®FORT can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizer except the calcium based. It is also compatible with most pesticides.
Folcare®FORT is suitable for all types of crop.


10-52-08+0.6MgO+TEFolcare®FORT 10-52-08+0.6MgO+TE is starter Fertilizer brochure
16-08-32+MgO+TEFolcare®FORT 16-08-32+MgO+TE is used at fruit set and fruits development. brochure
20-20-20+MgO+TE Folcare®FORT 20-20-20+MgO+TE is used for general purpose.brochure
31-11-11+0.5MgO+TEFolcare®FORT 31-11-11+0.5MgO+TE is vegetative fertilizer. brochure