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water soluble bag
ADFERT offers a full range of fully water-soluble compound fertilizers that contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and a wide range of chelated micro nutrients, taking into consideration the soil and water conditions in the region, e.g alkalinity and salinity properties.

Granular bag
A wide range of granular fertilizers manufactured physically and chemically using high quality raw materials. These products are homogeneous in terms of chemical characteristics and physical appearance to ensure balanced distribution for plant nutrients in the field for all plants.
ADFERT established a new granular production line based on physical mixing and chemical reactions to offer a wide range of high quality formulas.

suspension bag
Suspension fertilizers for plant feeding guarantee. Suspension fertilizers produced from premium quality raw materials without impurities, free of chlorine compounds, sodium and heavy metals.

liquid bag
ADFERT offers a complete range of Liquid fertilizers, high purity and quality products guaranteed by full co-operation and support from the biggest global fertilizers producers in the world.

liquid bag
ADFERT offers a range of high quality special natural products; they are completely water soluble and act as natural soil and plant growth stimulants. They also contain a natural balance of major and minor nutrients, enzymes and other organic substances.