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Suspension Fertilizer

ADFERT offers a complete range of Suspension fertilizer, high purity and quality products guaranteed by full co-orperation and supports from the biggest global fertilizer producers in the world.
We are engaged in offering NPK Suspension Fertilizer that is made with high quality ingredients for enhanced productivity. Our NPK Suspension fertilizer is made under the supervision of expert professionals and therefore there are minimal chances of any flaws. NPK Suspension fertilizers that we offer are required by Agriculture industry, Horticulture industry etc.

Suspension Fertilizer Products

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Growmax®FORT as Suspension fertilizers with Concentrated Grades to optimize the plant nutrition for all growth stages.
Growmax®FORT is a homogeneous Suspension fertilizer produce from premium quality raw materials without impurities. Free of chlorine compounds, sodium, and heavy metals.
Growmax®FORT is high qualify, economical and concentrated product meeting your crop needs.

Growmax®FORT is homogenous suspension available in different formula suitable to be applied during all stages of plants growth.
Growmax®FORT lowers soil pH which leads to increase the availability of plant nutrients.
Growmax®FORT contains all trace elements chelated which make it more available for plants.
Growmax®FORT suitable for fertigation and foliar applications.
Growmax®FORT can be mixed with most other fertilizers and agrochemicals.


O-52-34+TEMono Potassium Phosphate suspension formula for plant nutrition.Brochure
12-0-60+0.5MgO+TEHigh potassium formula to develop fruit set. Brochure
12-52-8+0.5MgO+TEEstablishment formula with high phosphorus content encourages root growth.Brochure
12-61-0+TEMono Ammonium Phosphate suspension formula for plant nutrition.Brochure
25-25-18+1MgO+TEMultipurpose balanced formula for general growth.Brochure
40-10-10+TEVegetative growth formula of high nitrogen content to stimulate vegetative growth.Brochure