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Our Services

Offering our customers full business solutions side by side with a full range of plant nutrients and products is part of the FORT umbrella. Supported by our partners and experts over the world, ADFERT offers special services in the region via professional local team. Through this service our partners’ business can improve by achieving maximum production, at the highest quality, per unit area. This enables our partners to increase their income from their investment.
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By improving our communication between our partners and customers their needs can be better understood and we can offer practical, professional solutions.

ADFERT offers these services through:

1. Training sessions, field days, and seminars in different countries about:
a). Fertilization
b). Fertigation
c). Balanced plant nutrients
d). Calcareous and saline soil and water conditions
e). Best management practice (BMP) for Crops production
f). Ask for the next seminar in your country

2. Trials:
a). Scientific trials in cooperation with official bodies and research centers.
b). All our products have been tried in our trial station and with key farmers to ensure their performance under local practical conditions.
c). click news and events

3. Building fertilization and Fertigation program:
a). Based on soil and soil solutions analysis
b). Plant needs for different growth stages
c). Quantity of water needed in the area
d). Leaf analysis to monitor the balanced plant nutrients
e). Contact our agronomists at your area or

4. Farms visit:
a). Via our professional technical team in the field in more than 10 countries, to offer technical support for our products under GOOD AGRICULTURE PRACTICE to (GAP) ensure optimum use for these products.
5. Publishing and Sponsoring technical books and articles in Agri magazines about topics related to plant nutrients, Fertigation, soil and water conditions for the key crops in the region.
ADFERT has implemented a strict quality control and quality improvement program to ensure the highest quality end products to our customers. In 2007, we have built a state-of-the-art full laboratory in order to test all our Incoming raw materials and continuous production with strict parameters. This has enabled ADFERT to keep an archive of results for future reference and assure the very best quality for our customers.