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Magnesium Nitrate(11-0-0+15MgO)

Type: Straight Fertilizer
Form:Water Soluble
Packing:25 Kg

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Magnesium Nitrate(11-0-0+15MgO) is a fully water soluble nitrogen and magnesium fertilizer. It is free of chlorine compound, sodium and heavy metals that are elements detrimental to plants.
Magnesium Nitrate(11-0-0+15MgO) is a free of flowing, which dissolve quickly in water without any residues..
Magnesium Nitrate(11-0-0+15MgO) application in fertigation as regular Mg source, MagNit® is an excellent source of Mg especially for high saline irrigation water due to very low conductivity value(EC value).

Due to low risk of leaf burning (low EC - value and osmotic pressure) and wide compatibility with other plant nutrient sources and pesticides. Magnesium Nitrate is widely recommended for foliar plant nutritional use. Foliar application with Magnesium Nitrate is an excellent way to supply additional Nitrogen and Calcium during critical physiological or environmental conditions.

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Analyte UnitTypical
Total Nitrogen (N)%11
Phosphorus (P2O5)%0
Potassium (K2O)%0
Magnesium (MgO)%15

Physical Properties
Moisture (%) 1 max
pH5-7 %