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Urea Phosphate(18-44-0)

Type: Straight Fertilizer
Form:Water Soluble
Packing:25 Kg
Appearance:White Crystals

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Urea Phosphate(18-44-0) is multipurpose fully water soluble and high purity fertilizers used in horticulture its unique product, because it is the only dry, strong acid in crystalline form. It contains 18% nitrogen (N) and 44% phosphorous (P2O5).

Urea Phosphate can be used in fertigation, band application, water soluble NPK production and foliar applications.
Urea Phosphate could be used during the whole season with higher amount during rooting growth stage <strater> and flowing stage, when the plants need higher quantity of P.
Applying Urea Phosphate with urea fertilization improves Urea effeciency under alkaline soil condition due to less N- volatilization.

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Analyte UnitTypical
Total Nitrogen (N)%18
Phosphorus (P2O5)%44
Potassium (K2O)%0

Physical Properties
Moisture (%) 1 max
pH1.5 - 2 %